1) Muscle Growth

This tops the list of benefits for very obvious reasons. Most guys want bigger muscles and there is no better exercise for overall muscle growth. When you deadlift the right way, you use almost every single muscle in your body. You get a rigorous full body workout. And when you combine that with heavy lifting, you naturally release growth hormones that induce muscle development.

2) Strength Gain

If you want fast strength increase on all the exercises that are part of your workout routine, deadlifting is your solution. It increases your grip and core strength like no other exercise can. Want a bigger bench? Stronger squat? Crazy curling strength? Pullup power? Easy fix, just deadlift heavy.

3) More Powerful

Power while sometimes used interchangeably with strength is actually different from it. Power is the ability to exert great force and a short period of time. While strength is the ability to move or support heavy objects sustainably for a longer period of time. Power is useful for athletic performance. A football linebacker tackling a an opponent, a tennis player returning a serve, a basketball player dunking over opponents etc. If you play any sport, deadlifting will make a big different in your performance.

4) Positive Effect on other exercises

When you combine the above benefits, what you get is increased strength and flexibility on all other exercises. When you do heavy deadlifts, you are actually doing heavy lifting using all the major muscles in your body, back, chest, legs, arms etc. So when you do isolation movements or other more specific compound movements, you will notice an immediate strength gain.

5) Fat burning

Because of the exertion involved during the deadlift, you recruit more muscle fibers, burn more calories and than you could with other movements. The result is increased fat burning.  If you’ve read my other articles, you know that compound movements are the best exercises for fat loss. And the deadlift is the king of compound exercises so you get the idea.